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>> Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

1.     What is credit card?
2.    Who is the inventor of it?
3.    When is it developed
4.    What are the function of credit card?
5.    How does it works?
6.    What are the component / spesification of the credit card? 
7.    Why is it developed? 

1.     A credit card is a small plastic card issued to users as a system of payment.
2.    Frank McNamara
3.    Credit card developed  in 1950
4.    1). As a means of payment instead.
Credit cards can be used as a tool instead of payment, so we do not need to bring plenty of cash, which can be lost or at risk of falling on the road.
2). As a backup.
Credit cards can also be used as a reserve for unexpected needs, such as if a sudden there are families who are sick and need to be cared for in hospital, then the payment can use a credit card, this is not a hassle than if we had to go to the ATM first, or dilute money in the bank.
3). Help pay for household bills.
In the credit card bill there is one facility, meaning we can ask the credit card issuing bank to pay the bill at a time on account of: electricity, telecom invoice / cellular phones, taps bills, internet bills and other bills with the knowledge intansi who issued the bill. Thus, every month we are not busy paying to several agencies, but the payment can be done all at once via credit card, direct debit done every month.
5.    Step:
1)      Decide whatever you can afford the purchase and know how you are going to pay.
2)      Be sure your card is signed on the back by you.
3)       Slide your credit card through the machine. If the machine asks you for your P.I.N number press the cancel key. If the machine asks if you want a credit transaction press the credit or yes key.
4)      Sign. If the machine is an electronic machine. Sign in the box. Press the ok or accept key. If the machine is not an electronic machine. Circle the amount on the receipt (this forces you to see it and hopefully recognize errors) sign on the line on the receipt. Give the receipt cashier.
5)      Present your card to the cashier if asked to do so. The cashier would with check  off the signature on the  card with the one you just signed on the receipt.
6)      At the end, you should get your card back.

6.  The component / spesification of the credit card consist of name of bank as issuer,card number, card logo, user name of cedit card, and credit card expiration.
7.    Credit card developed because many people need to do payment quickly.

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